Spanish Braille Alphabet

Spanish Braille Alphabet


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With this app, you'll learn to read easily and visually Spanish Braille alphabet.

Braille is a system of tactile reading and writing designed for blind and visually impaired.

Braille is not a language but an alphabet. With this system, Letters, puntuaction, numbers, mathematical symbols, music, etc. can be represented.

The braille cells usually consists of six raised dots arranged as a matrix of three rows by two columns, which are conventionally numbered from top to bottom and left to right.

The presence or absence of dots allows the encoding symbols. Through these six dots, 64 different combinations are obtained.

The presence or absence of dots in each position determines what letter it is. Since these 64 combinations are clearly insufficient, special distinguishing signs, prefixed to a combination of points are used, become an uppercase letter, italics, numbers or musical notes.

In the Spanish Braille, lowercase letters, most punctuation, some special characters and some words are coded directly with a cell, but the uppercase letters and numbers are also represented with another symbol prefix.

Introducing Technologies Information Access has created a need for new embosses on computer and electronics issued by the CBE in January 2009. The braille can be reproduced using an iron and punch, so that each dot is generated from the back of the page, written in an image in reverse (like the one you get when you look in a mirror), handmade or printed with a Braille typewriter, a Braille printer connected to a computer, or by braille device.

Content source of the app: Wikipedia Spanish Braille.
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