Speed Up Racing: driving on edge

Speed Up Racing: driving on edge


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Fans of the race must necessarily get acquainted with the new flight, as this is a very curious and interesting thing among similar gaming products.

The game sup multiplayer racing is a wonderful example of the introduction of innovations in popular applications. Here you can not just go on the map, earn bonuses and experience different speeds, but also compete with other rivals, which greatly brings the simulator closer to real racing emotions.

To increase the chances of winning, in the process of playing racing you need to try to eliminate your competitors from the road, trying in every possible way to prevent them and push them to the side. In addition, you need to monitor, so that your own car does not fly out of the track, please enter into a cunning maneuver of the opponent.

In the game sup racing there is an opportunity to perform a variety of cool stunts, turns, jumps and sharp turns. In this way, you can train your racing skills, as well as trim other cars nearby, thereby reducing their chances of first place in the racing table. The control panel in the game is quite simple: in the left corner is the steering wheel, with which the vehicle is controlled. It allows you to maneuver the car and collect a reward in the form of coins along the route. For better results, it is possible to use an accelerator.

To pass the levels of "sup racing" is necessary so that to spend for each stage as little time as possible, having time to collect all possible rewards. At the end of each round, the elapsed time is shown down to milliseconds - which is very important in races, because sometimes even a small gap with an opponent can bring victory. It will also show the place in the race occupied by the user's machine.

Interestingly, the game racing is available without a constantly connected Internet, which will allow the user to enjoy the race at any time convenient for him. True, not all levels can work in this mode. It is also worth noting that representatives of different countries act as rivals here, which creates a pleasant atmosphere of the international sports competition. Emotions of competitors in the collision of cars are transmitted by special smiles and this introduces informal notes into the game. The machine participating in the sup has a number of parameters, such as: strength, weight, speed, driving, and more. These parts of the car over time can be improved to achieve more and more good indicators in the struggle for primacy.

Visiting the garage, you can find a list of cars that are available now, or which can be purchased if you accumulate the necessary number of coins. Thus, there is an option to choose or create a suitable machine for yourself, to develop in it those functions that the user considers most useful for himself. You can buy a sup racing car either for coins collected at the level, or for diamonds received for special achievements in the game.

Impressive, that in "sup multiplayer racing" are presented the most different models of cars: from light racing to off-road cars. So you can try your hand at different cars.

The interface is well thought out and drawn, the colors are pleasant, do not strain your eyes. The route and the cars on it are shown a little unfolded, the user observes them from the side, which makes it possible not only to look directly at the road, but also to see everything that is happening nearby. There are several variants of maps available for driving.

For the passage of tours given a certain number of stars, which allows you to open new levels.

So, the game application - a great racing simulator, which will appeal to all car lovers. In multiplayer racing you can easily become the best racer!
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    2017-08-11 11:34:22

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    Randion Koss

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    Android 2.3+

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