StackD - Don't get hit!

StackD - Don't get hit!


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Always wanted to see how good you are at block games?

StackD is here to bring you the ultimate block game experience right now.
With this game, your primary concern is to enjoy the gameplay and just do all you can to take your experience to new heights. As you play, you will have to dodge the falling blocks in order to win. Make sure that you do all in your power in order to get the highest score.

Do remember that StackD is very challenging and it’s a unique, fun game that you can share with your friends and have fun. Aside from that, StackD comes with a wonderful and enticing concept, one that’s definitely going to offer you hours and hours of intense gaming experiences.

In case you want more, then you should consider that all games are randomized here. So, each session is different and it’s automatically generated. Some sessions will be simple, others will be extremely challenging. You always know that you will have fun, but it’s hard to figure out what you can get in the end, and that’s what really matters!

Since each gaming experience is designed to be unique, you are always going to immerse yourself more and more into how the game works. Finding the right way to play is the right challenge here. While the game is easy to learn, it can be hard to master and it can take quite a bit of time until you get used to how everything works. It really is a fun experience and one that will obviously pay off immensely in the end.

If you enjoy games that are unique and challenging, StackD can be right up your alley. Also, keep in mind that you should try and learn the color of each block. The idea is that each color comes with a different behavior. The more you spend your time learning the rules and experimenting with blocks, the easier the game will be for sure.

Of course, each time you play you have new obstacles to handle. But as long as you will enjoy more and more games, you will find that results can be second to none. So yes, StackD is one cool puzzle game that really tests your skills and capabilities. Jump over the red blocks and avoid all the others to get the best score you can. But this is one of the many challenging things about StackD, so just download the game now and enjoy its extraordinary gaming experiences!


• Unique gameplay mechanics
• Easy to learn, hard to master
• Minimalist, beautiful graphics
• Wonderful soundtrack
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    2017-08-08 09:34:17

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    Android 2.3+

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