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Statistics Guide


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Statistics Guide

We think that the Statistics Guide, resented for service by us as the Statistics World will be an understandable source for the science people and students dealing with Statistics and researchers and science people conducting surveys in different branches of science.
The statistical concepts and terms have been identified with a wide literature scan and offered to you with their explanations. Besides, the explanations of the frequently used statistical methods and the sample diameter calculations are given with examples in the application.
All of the explanations and calculation of the sample size are for information and it is recommended to be supported by a statistics expert before conducting the works.


In this section of the application, the definitions of the frequently used statistics terms are given. The data presented here are informative.

Sample size calculator

In the surveys to be conducted, there are various criteria to identify the number of samples. In this application, sample size calculation methods will be used using the accepted criteria when the population size is known or is not known. The sampling formula presented here are informative for the application. Technical support is recommended to be received from the statistic experts while forming the sampling plan depending on the purpose of the study.
N= Population size
The size of the population which the survey is interested.
n= Sample size
The size of the sample representing the population in order to produce data about the population in which the survey is interested.
Confidence Level
The level of confidence foreseen in the surveys.
d=Anticipated Deviation
p= Incidence/Prevalence (p=0,5allows to reach the maximum sample volume)

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