Stop Body Odor

Stop Body Odor


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Learn how to prevent and treat natural causes of body odor using common sense and paying careful attention to causes and making appropriate changes to lifestyle.

Medical causes of body odor as contrasted to its behavioral genesis - including diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, bad breath secondary to other medical conditions, trimethylaminuria as well as liver and kidney problems.

Information on the various types of body odor, not just sweating but also including halitosis or bad breath, trimethylketonuria as an example of a health disorder, and flatus. Additional tips on how to tackle these types of body odor.

The science behind how body odor occurs and the factors which are involved: including the immune system, pheromones, and diet.

An introduction to underarm odor, our sweat glands: especially those in our underarms, armpit odor in children, causes and solutions and also studies on fragrance and odor.

Get to know the causes of underarm odor including a discussion on puberty and menopause, genetic factors, damage to the brain, diet and obesity. Also a description of sweat glands involved in underarm odor.

A focus on managing, treating and curing underarm odor by looking at behavioral elements such as clothing, common-sense, natural remedies, medical intervention including drugs and surgery.

Discussion on foot odor, how it occurs including a biochemical explanation, its problems, how it is treated including common sense and home remedy cures.

Problems with having smelly feet; what the source of foot odor is; simple remedies to combat foot odor - a discussion of shoes and socks and how it contributes to the problem; contraptions, surgical and non-invasive treatments which are available to combat this problem effectively are all discussed in here.

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