Super Hero Mutant Battle

Super Hero Mutant Battle


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Have you ever thought that what would you do if you would've all the super powers? Well it's time to stop thinking and enjoy this amazing super power war heroes final hero game.
The earth is in the shadow of criminals, terrorists and evil legends. Super hero Spider legend was fighting with criminals and evils in the dark night. The criminals were robbing the city banks, harassing and killing people. Super natural villains have only one aim, to kill the last hope of nation the spider hero and become the most powerful and rule the world.
Then suddenly things got changed. The battle with evil terrorists has now become the nations war. The rival country's army with the help of super natural legends has attacked your country. Their arm forces super natural evils are killing civilians and capturing the buildings, supermarkets and making their strong holds. The city has now become a war zone where close range combat and gun shooting taking place and super natural using their super powers harassing and killing civilians and army heroes soldiers. Army heroes are fighting and defending our land but it won't be enough. It's now your duty as a spider hero to take things in your hand and become a war hero. The night is dark and you are their last hope.
In this battle of army heroes, you won't only face the assault commandos of enemy, they have a evil mutant heroes too, because of their strange super hero abilities and super powers they have made them their heroes. It's a battle of heroes, on one side you are rescuing people from war zone and on the other their evil mutant hero is destroying the buildings, hospitals, police stations, fire stations and supermarket. Destroying every thing he see. You have to stop the damage in the war zone. You have to stop him and all the mutants from using their mutant super powers against your assault commando. The army heroes has high hopes from you. It's a battle of heroes. So use your strange super powers to serve your people in the hour of need. It's a war between you and super power villains in the war zone.
Use your super spider hero strange abilities and super powers to rescue the injured fellow military army heroes commando soldier from war. Just like you your fellow military assault commando soldiers are fighting at the frontline like a hero. Because of your super hero abilities, military and the govt of state has given you the task to use all your strange super hero abilities and super powers to fight and serve the army heroes in the battlefield. Enemy is using modern military weapons in the army war zone. They have all the high tech guns and bombs to destroy the city in days. They won't stop until they invade all the country. Save your country, serve your in the army war zone and become their war hero.

Though you are a super hero with amazing and strange abilities with super powers but it would not be easy for you to rescue your injured army heroes from the army war zone. Rescuing your army heroes from war zone where war with modern guns and weapons is taking place. The task is difficult but not impossible. All the country and the arm forces are looking at you to serve them in the dark night.
You are the super hero of your people. With some great super powers come some great responsibility to protect your people and land from evils. Eliminate the terrorists and evils from your world and stop their evil plan of ruling on earth. Remember cops can't fight with everyone so you have to start taking things into your hands.
Protect the children women and old people from the terror and become their true hero.

Hero Battle Mutant Story
- Fly your super hero
- Fight with villains
- Realistic Graphics and physics
- Levels to complete
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    2017-08-08 07:34:19

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    Pocket King Studios

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    Android 2.3+

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