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Superhero Movie FX Maker


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✿ Become the most awesome superhero the world has ever seen in a matter of seconds thanks to the best superhero costume photo editor for Android™ devices! Use our cool superhero powers to give your pics some action movie fx effects and create the best superhero photomontage! If you enjoy watching “superhero movies”, action movies or sci-fi movies, this movie fx maker is the perfect app for you! Add superhero film effects to your pics with the help of this amazing photo editing app! Make funny photo montages and add funny movie stickers for pictures using ✦Superhero Movie FX Maker✦ to become a real hero! Upgrade your pics with the coolest male “superhero costumes” of all time by adding action movie effects to your photos for free! “Create your own superhero” character, add superhero face photo effects and complete it with awesome suits and weapons! Unlock the amazing collection of super power effects with “superhero stickers” and other awesome face in hole superhero effects! What would you look like as a superhero? Free install this make me a superhero app – a cool combination of the face in hole app and dress up game. Take a regular photo and apply face stickers, body stickers, costume stickers¸ weapon stickers and much more!

✦Superhero Movie FX Maker✦

✿One of the best face editor apps!
✿Take a photo with your camera or select an image from your phone gallery and add funny stickers to it!
✿Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic!
✿Adjust and scale stickers how you like it: zoom in, zoom out, change its position, and remove the sticker!
✿Edit photos with superhero movie special effects! 
✿Decorate your pictures with animated movie stickers and cool face effects!
✿Add photo stickers with “super hero” films elements!
✿Add superhero masks, super villain weapons and heroes and villains costumes!
✿Arm your pics with a sword, gun, shotgun or chainsaw!
✿ Shoot fireballs and energy bolts from your hands or fire laser beams from your eyes!
✿Add yells like Bam, Pow, Boom or Ouch as if you were fighting bad guys!
✿Share your photo art work on all social media!

✿ Which superhero are you? Click here and find out right away! Have the most awesome “superpowers” you’ve always dreamed of! Give your photos laser eyes and be a hero that shoots blasts out of his eyes! You want a hand blast superpower? Why not! Add energy balls stickers to your pics and prepare for light attacks! Turn your pics into your favorite action movie scenes and transform yourself into your favorite hero or villain with super powers and awesome super hero costumes! All of this and much more await you in our cool super hero movie fx sticker maker app! Free download ✦Superhero Movie FX Maker✦ and make you or your friends look like a villain!

✿ If you play “superhero games” and read comics, then you'll appreciate our new super hero editor with cool face stickers. This superhero booth will turn you into a handsome and muscular savior! Make a cool photo montage and dress up like a super power man with the help of a bunch of cool sci-fi movie FX stickers! Do you have what it takes to be a hero that saves the world? Let you virtual transformation from zero to hero begin now with ✦Superhero Movie FX Maker✦! Try out the best picture editor with photo stickers and movie fx special effects! So, hurry up and free download this amazing “superhero creator”!

✿ Join the magical world of heroes with the best face photo montage effects that are finally here to transform your into a professional fighter from action movies! Put a face to your favorite superhero character and make a fun picture montage to amaze your friends! This superhero dress up app offers a huge collection of amazing hero costumes stickers and face stickers for your pics! Become an incredible, amazing, fantastic super man or a super woman you have always dreamed of and free install ✦Superhero Movie FX Maker✦!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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