Superstar Face Makeover

Superstar Face Makeover


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No one could resist the temptation of beauty, every superstar dreams of delicate beauty face and stunning figure. So here is a chance for all, as Play Kids Entertainment brings Superstar Face Makeover for all young boys & girls who wants to play as Superstar Face Plastic Surgery Doctor. In Superstar Face Makeover surgery simulator you can perform botox and plastic surgery simulator on your Superstar in hospital as a doctor & give a makeover to make their face look healthier prettier and more beautiful. You have an opportunity to treat superstar with urgent care in the emergency room and take superstar to the surgery room in hospital & give them a complete new beauty makeover. With an ultimate botox injection simulator treatment, you can get rid of the wrinkles and give them a beauty makeover to make them look fresh again. Treat superstar facial skin, pimples, scars and blemishes to give them beauty cleansing & emergency medical treatment at hospital as a doctor. Superstar Face Makeover is a beauty makeover and botox treatment game for every young boy & girl who wants to pursue his or her career as plastic surgery doctor in hospital.

In Superstar Face Makeover you can do botox treatment, treat wrinkles of chin and cheeks. Use injection, ointment to heal, cure and clear all wrinkle and cuts to clean and heal the facial wounds of superstar. Cure all surperstar patients at hospital with new plastic surgery simulator tools, botox and anti-wrinkle treatments to maintain a wild fashion fantasy. Transform the ugly scars into a beautiful face with plump lips, pretty eyes, perfect nose and glowing skin. Perform plastic surgeries in hospital on your patients like a pro skin doctor and become a real plastic surgeon. Some of these patients have been through open heart surgery in ER emergency, while some of them had brain surgery few months back leaving behind scars and wrinkles. Superstar celebrities need an ultimate facelift, advanced anti-aging treatment and cosmetic surgery simulator for perfect red carpet makeovers and looks. Use real medical & doctor tools in hospital to treat your patient plump lips, pretty eyes, perfect nose and glowing skin and make sure their face is restored. Become an expert plastic surgery doctor as you carefully treat each patient's face & give them a complete new makeover!

• Start off with a face wash and dirt cleaning before plastic surgery simulation.
• Apply face mask & clean away with water for a new makeover.
• Put on bandages to cure the dirty pimples, wounds and cuts.
• Treat wrinkles, smooth out skin and apply facelift
• Check out which part of the face needs the treatment.
• Apply botox injection simulator to the facial area.
• Restore patient’s damaged looks with your expert plastic surgery cosmetic treatment.
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