Surgical Site Surveillance

Surgical Site Surveillance


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Patients who receive invasive surgical procedures leave the hospital with surgical sites.

Surgical sites can become infected and this can lead to severe pain, extra trips to the hospital, and increased mortality.

One of the best ways to avoid developing an infection is to have your surgical sites frequently monitored by your care team. This is the purpose of this application.

Effective surveillance of surgical sites is a team effort. This application is designed specifically for post-operative patients – no training required! Here is how it works:
1) Download the application
2) Secure login will be provided by your care team
3) Take scheduled photos of your surgical site(s)
4) Enter additional information about how your surgical site is feeling etc. (<30 sec.)
5) Safely and securely share this information with the care team using the app.
6) Take action to prevent infection based of expert clinical recommendations

Proper use of this application can:
1) Prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital
2) Empower you to play an active role in your health care
3) Give your care team the information they need to provide the best care possible

You can be actively involved in the surveillance process of your surgical sites in the comfort of your own home using this application. Providing this information to the care team is accomplished in less than one minute and the entire process is completed using your mobile device.

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