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Suzzle, the game for the ones that count!

Keep training your mind with this nice little game whose aim is to sum the numbers placed on a chessboard to reach the target sum.

There are three game modes.

  • Child mode - Chessboard 3 x 3 and all helps enabled.

  • Practice mode - Select the side of the chessboard and helps to activate in the settings of the game.

  • Online play - Challenge registered users. Users can register either by creating your own account Suzzle or logging in with his Facebook account.

Play the game is very simply.

The app starts with a screen divided into three sections: the upper section reserved to game information (score and remaining time), a central section containing the target number and the SWITCH button and at the bottom a board filled with random numbers from 1 to 9 with the associated bonus symbols.
The game is divided into two rounds of two minutes.
In each round the player must repeatedly try to reach the target number. After playing a round, the player waits for his opponent to complete its round.
You can search the target number, pre-calculated as combinations of the numbers on the grid, through a continuous path drawn with the finger on the numerical grid. As soon as the player off your finger from the screen, numbers highlighted in the path are summed and compared with the current target number. If they are equals a score is calculated based on the number of cells touched, bonuses and aid required. The calculated score is summed to obtain the total at the end of the two rounds.
The app also includes a tolerance of plus or minus 10% of the target, which allows the player to score points while not reaching exactly the target number. In this case is attributed a score of 50% lower than that achieved exactly reaching the target number.

The available bonus are the following:

  • DN - Double the value of the associated number.

  • TN - Triple the number value associated.

  • DS - Double the value of points earned during the search of the target number.

  • TS - Triple the value of points earned during the search of the target number.

The use of helps entails the following score decrease:

  • Starting number (-10% of score) - Shows the number from which it started the calculation of the sum.

  • Partial sum (-80% of score) - Show the partial sum as the player move his finger on the board.

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