Sweet Girly Keypad Lock Screen App

Sweet Girly Keypad Lock Screen App


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✾ Girls, are you looking for something to refresh your phone with? Well, your search is finally over! The ♡ Sweet Girly Keypad Lock Screen App ♡ is an amazing “keyboard lock screen” that will provide you with the cutest, most adorable “lock theme” on the market! The truly fascinating “girly wallpapers” will make your heart dance with joy as soon as you apply this screen lock code on your smartphone or tablet device. It is a fantastic application that is worthy of a princess like you. And you know what's the best part? It's free! That's right, you can get this “sweet lock screen” totally free! So, what's the hold up? Click the button to download the app, and make your lock screen look the most attractive in town!


Setting up the ♡ Sweet Girly Keypad Lock Screen App ♡:

1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;
2. Type in your desired password, then re-enter in order to confirm it;
3. Customize your desired theme.

✢ Pick your favorite “cute wallpapers” and adorn your screen lock more beautifully;
✢ Quite an impressive collection of photos to choose from;
✢ Choose a 12 or 24 hour system;
✢ Personalize the date display;
✢ Show or hide battery.
✢ Your device is now both well decorated, and well protected!

✾ The ♡ Sweet Girly Keypad Lock Screen App ♡ is made to make every girl get her dream look screen appearance! This “cute lock screen” is a real breath of fresh air when it comes to screen lock themes. Most generic smartphone lock screens are designed either to be more appealing to the male buyers, or to be gender neutral. There is a shortage, however, when it comes to finding a “lock screen for girls” already integrated into the cellphone. But that is no longer a problem, since you can pimp your device easily now with this free lock screen! You can add some pleasant flowers, lovely hearts, endearing butterflies, shiny stars, and more! You don't have to endure the dull generic locker for the screen any longer - tailor your screen the way you want to! Your phone – your rules!

✾ Of course this amazing “locker app” allows you to have one of the most gorgeous looking applications on the market, but that beauty is not all it offers. Behind all that glitz and glamour is a very advanced security system lock! You can set up your “password app lock” to protect your files from any potential intruders. Once you do that, you can rest easy, since the chances of someone getting to your data with this security code you have are very minimal. A little tip for you – always make a longer password, and use a combination of letters, numbers, and other symbols. That way, it will be virtually impossible the break your device's code! There are many hackers nowadays that are very well trained for hacking into devices, but even they don't stand a chance against this lock screen. So, hurry up, and download this safety screen locker before someone tries to get their hands on your precious files!

✾ You can search high and wide, but we assure you you will not find a better “keypad lock screen for girls” than the ♡ Sweet Girly Keypad Lock Screen App ♡! This is simply a must-have application for any girl looking to decorate her phone appropriately. You will never get tired of this lock screen app. It offers you customization to the most minute detail. Tap on the Download button, and let the fun begin!
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    2017-09-19 11:04:11

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    JoySet Apps

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    Android 2.3+

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