Tabletop Gamer Toolbox

Tabletop Gamer Toolbox


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+ Roll up to 100 dice simultaneously with the mass dice roller tool
+ Simulate rolling physical dice in the 3D dice roller tabletop simulator
+ Produce up to 6 simultaneous rock, paper, scissor results with the RPS tool.
+ Throw the bomb, Spock, or lizard in the RPS tool, and customize what symbols you want to be able to have as results.
+ Randomly generate fantasy and modern names from lists of tolkien themed elvish, dwarvish, orcish, or common modern names in the random name generator.

The tabletop gamer toolbox is a collection of roleplaying game tools designed specifically to meet the needs of multiple types of tabletop and larp games. The toolbox is a completely free application with a single in app purchase to remove all advertisements.

It doesn't matter if you are larping and need rps or if your game has you crawling through dungeons, fighting zombies, destroying space ships, or killing dragons, the toolbox has what you need to ensure you are never without a way to roll the dice you need for any challenge.

The toolbox was designed with role playing game such as Pathfinder, D&D, Warhammer 40k, vampire the masquerade, and others in mind. The different tools available in the toolbox should meet all of the needs of these games and games like them.

The Tools:
+ Mass Dice Roller
+ 3D Dice Roller
+ Rock, Paper, Scissors
+ Random Name Generator

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