Taekwondo Kicks Videos Offline

Taekwondo Kicks Videos Offline


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⭐Taekwondo is a martial arts style, self - defense. The largest global Taekwondo organizations are the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) and ITF (International Taekwondo Federation). Taekwondo is an Olympic sport.

⭐The meaning of Taekwondo is "Tae" to strike with the foot, "Kwon" to strike with the hand and "Do" the way.

⭐Most Taekwondo federations and associations teach similar techniques (i.e. kicking). For example, in many Taekwondo schools, beginners learn basic kicks such as the front kick and push kick. Intermediate color belts learn kicks such as the side kick and back kick. High colored belt students learn more advanced kicks such as the spinning hook kick. Once you become a black belt, you will work on perfecting these kicks (i.e. improving their power and accuracy), joining them together into effective combination kicks and learning additional advanced kicks (i.e. the flying back kick).

Learn Taekwondo :
-Learn Taekwondo Basic Kicks
-Learn Taekwondo Jump Kicks
-Learn Taekwondo Advanced Kicks

No internet needed.
Offline videos for every kick.
You can play any video without internet.

⭐Easy to use
Only one page and one drawer to select kick from it.

High quality video for every kick.
Every video has two parts:
1-Slow motion.
2-Normal motion.

All Kicks
Basic - Jump - Advanced
Video for every kick.
Description for every kick.

You can add your favorite kicks to a separated list (favorite list).

Level up system
Challenge yourself and level up while learning the kicks.
Advanced kicks are unlocked when you level up.

❓How to level up :
1-Open the app every day.
2-Learn how to do every kick.
3-Spend time watching kicks videos.
4-Add kicks to favorite list.
5-Share the app with your family and your friends.
(Help them learning martial arts to protect themselves).
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