Taxi Parking 3D

Taxi Parking 3D


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Taxi Parking Story:

Our family owns a taxi company in town, which is very famous and very safe. This taxi company provides comfort, speed and safety. I have to go get people from places they said and to go elsewhere, because they can do so on foot. We need to take more orders, but our problem is that we do not have drivers. We thought about hiring someone to drive this car taxi, but there is none available. We will ask you to do this because you're the right person to go by car, taxi and you know the necessary qualities. You have to go by car instead asked, then you have to go to park the car taxi.

Taxi Parking is one of those car parking games that will test your many qualities, which requires more precision and attention on your part. You need to park the car in several places, so watch all the obstacles that will get in the way and that will create problems. You have to drive safely, and quickly. This game Taxi car parking has a limit, you're limited to a few tens of seconds. You do not get hit by any obstacle, because when you hit something, you have to start everything from the beginning. You must have a very good sense to not touch us any obstacle. Seconds that you remain at the current level, it will add to the next level, to have as much time to finish the level with flying colors because as the level increases, the difficulty of the game increases.

Taxi Parking has some features:
- This Taxi Parking Car Games has 9 levels with different places and with different people parking that will require more precision you.
- This game requires a lot of precision and attention, try to finish the game as fast and as beautiful, but make sure you drive safely and not damaged taxi car.
- Try to park the car as quickly, for a quick parking'll receive 3 stars, the average parking will receive 2 stars and parking deadline, you will get only 1 star. If you park the car for taxi, and seconds have passed, do not get any star, and have to start from the beginning.
- You can run the car with a steering wheel, or you can drive with rotating the phone, a new way of driving, which requires more sensitivity and from your phone

Taxi Parking is FREE and SAFE for download

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