Teal HD Keyboard

Teal HD Keyboard


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How to install a Keyboard Plus theme?

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Download Teal HD Keyboard from Google Play Store
2. Open the Teal HD Keyboard theme
3. Apply the theme by pressing the - Activate - button from the Keyboard Plus Theme Manager

If you want to change your font size just go to the Quick Settings Tab and choose from one of the 3 available sizes: small, medium or large.

This Keyboard Plus theme uses a free Google Font available here: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Yanone+Kaffeesatz

All the Keyboard Plus themes come with a matching font that will be displayed automatically.

New layouts with translations coming soon.

We are looking forward for your feedback so don't hesitate to contact us for any suggestions or other issues that you may have at the following address: personalizemaster@gmail.com

If you want to make a good impression, feel beautiful and confident then a teal look is all you need. You will love the new Teal Keyboard theme that will make your smartphone look so pretty. If teal is your color you are friendly, compassionate and caring. You speak from the heart and people are drawn to you because of your sensitivity and empathetic nature. Teal will inspire you and enhance your creativity so don't hesitate and try the beautiful Teal Keyboard theme. Download the Teal Keyboard theme, you will love it.

Keyboard Plus - A different theme every day!
We have a built in emoji and emoticon pack for easy writing.

★ Hundreds of themes to choose from: get any style, any color, any look!
★ New themes every day
★ Easy to use Theme Manager with countless beautiful themes
★ Special emoji keyboard layout
★ Keyboard Plus is the fastest Android keyboard because it lets you type freely. No predictions, no interruptions!
★ Clean and elegant design for the built-in keyboard themes
★ Quick settings panel with useful features available directly in the keyboard
★ Numeric keys are always available on your keyboard
★ Big, medium & small keyboard sizes so you can type as fast as lightning
★ Turn off all the symbols for a cleaner look
★ All keyboard themes come with a gorgeous custom font
★ Lots of emoji and emoticons separated into several categories
★ Special layout for easy number writing
★ Increase the font size for better legibility
★ Sound and vibration on key press are quickly turned on or off
★ Key press pop-up animations for every theme

We don't monitor your typing and we never store any personal information. We take your privacy seriously and we will never share any personal data. Everything remains private. Check out our privacy policy here: http://keyboard-plus.com/privacy-policy/ and our website here: http://keyboard-plus.com/

Have a suggestion or want a Keyboard Plus theme? Send us a message at contact@keyboard-plus.com and we'll get back to you as fast as possible. In the meantime browse our Theme Manager full of amazing themes and find the right one for you!

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