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Want a cool technical grade theme keyboard theme? Install and decorate your keyboard with an exquisite technical luxury black mechanical keyboard theme now! And then your android phone will looks like a technical mechanical keyboard.this technical mechanical theme is a avant-garde theme It gives you engineering buttons make it unique and luxury mechanical android theme . 
Please read before installing the technical grade theme keyboard theme.
▲1.Please install Panda Keyboard first
this theme is not supported on other keyboard apps. Tap on the "APPLY" button to complete installation.
▲2.If you find that the system remind you this technical theme may steal your personal information during the installation process, please do not worry, no matter what kind of keyboard you install the mobile system gives this type of warning.i doesn’t means panda keyboard will steal your personal information.
▲3.This technical grade theme has a unique sound of a mechanical keyboard.
We have a unique mechanical keyboard sound for this technical mechanical keyboard theme.
▲4.Technical black mechanical keyboard theme supports emoticon input, you can send emojis to your friends.
▲5.panda Keyboard supports all languages in the Language center.
▲6. Enjoy a different keyboard theme every day with amusing emojis.
The Aim of this technical grade theme is to motivate technical students and professionals across the World into using the technical grade theme theme.
This technical grade theme keyboard theme includes technical grade keyboard background colors and technical grade theme keyboard theme buttons.This grade technical theme keyboard theme is a combination of technical grade theme keyboard and unique mechanical elements. You can enjoy this wonderful blend of technical grade theme keyboard and unique mechanical for FREE!
This technical black mechanical keyboard themed Android keyboard includes cute emojis that are pre-installed. It also have the attributes of both technical mechanical and Luxury grade mechanical keyboard , so if you are a big fan of technical mechanical and Luxury mechanical keyboard, you will love this technical grade keyboard theme. Not only that, this technical grade theme also has a unique mechanical keyboard this way this technical grade theme will make your typing more technical.
The technical grade zwart mechanical keyboard theme not only allows you to personalize your Android keyboard with technical grade keyboard elements, but also offers a whole new and enjoyable typing experience.
This technical grade keyboard background further brings out the technical black mechanical keyboard aspects of this keyboard theme. Furthermore, the technical grade keyboard keyboard theme uses technical black mechanical keyboard themed buttons and color schemes to add more style to the overall design.
The technical grade mechanical keyboard theme displays the beauty of avant-garde design and a theme that you will truly fall in love with. The theme supports all Android devices and brands such as Sony, Huawei, Microsoft and many more. Download and install the technical black mechanical keyboard theme now to enjoy chatting with friends while enjoying a technical mechanical and technical mechanical typing experience.
 This avant-garde technical grade theme keyboard support Basic Features - Available to all users:
▲1. Funny emoticons
▲2. Smart predictions
▲3. Auto correction
▲4. Multilingual keyboard
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