Teddy ID Password-Free Login

Teddy ID Password-Free Login


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Use TeddyID to log in to sites without entering a password. If the pictures you see on your phone and on the site match, tap "Yes" and you're logged in.

Logging in with Teddy ID is not only easy to use, but also secure because it works by demonstrating ownership of two devices: your computer and your phone.

You can log in when your phone is offline too, by entering a 6-digit passcode displayed in the app.

Confirm important actions, such as transfer of funds, by tapping a button in TeddyID.

Confirm or reject disclosure of your personal data, stored by Teddy, to third-parties, also by tapping a button in the app.

You can protect the app with a PIN code and set up the PIN to be requested only when the phone is in an unusual location. This further protects your data in case your phone is lost or stolen.

More info at https://www.TeddyID.com.

TeddyID is also your password manager for sites that still require a password. Install our browser extension from https://www.teddyid.com/password_manager.php and forget about remembering the passwords. TeddyID will save and encrypt your passwords, then fill them in after you approve login on your phone.

Unlike earlier password managers such as LastPass, 1Password, PasswordBox, etc, you don't have to remember even single master password. Instead, every time you need to decrypt and use a saved password, you have the convenience and security of tapping just one button on your phone.

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