Text Name Animation GIF

Text Name Animation GIF


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Text Animation DP Gif

Create Animated GIF names or words in square size and use it as Chat Stickers or place it as your DP on social sites. Many social apps supports Animated GIF, you can set as profile pic on those social apps.

Feature of this gif maker app:

1. One click Gif save button to save animation text to Gif Animation file file
2. you can selected 100+ animation style for making text GIF. You can select animation type easily. THere are sevent text animation: RAINBOW text animation, ANVIL text animation, EVAPORATE text animation, LINE text animation, FALL text animation, SCALE text animation and TYPER text animation.
3. You can change the color of text animation using one click color wheel selector. Its cool text color changer button in the app.
4. You can choose your picture to be a background of gif text animator. You can put your favorite quote to be embedded on front of your picture profile.
5. You can choose your font type face (ttf), like film font type, asian font type face, arabic font type face, korean font type face, chinese font type face, japanese font type face, flower font type face, latin font type face, digital font type face, capital font type face, horror font type face, lost world font type face, 3D font type face, animal font type face, etc.
6. It's unique app to create gif text file which you can share it to your friend and make them surprise and happy
7. You can select pre define color for backgroud.

What is GifText is used for? You can use gif file maker for:

1. Create season greetings of gif file and send it to your whatsapp group. The benefit of gif file is you can play directly from your whatsapp group without open any additional apps. It's different from video file where you need to open video player first before you play it

2. You can create congratulation or happy birthday to your friend and send it via whatsapp or facebook. It's cool compare just happy burthday using plain text. Your friends group will surprise and happy receive your happy birthday gif

3. You can create gif joke. It will make your friends happy and laughing

4. A lot of things can be made using this cool gif maker apps, i.e. you can use your photo to be as background of your gif file.

5. You can make your animation name display Picture for facebook, WhatsApp or Other social media.
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