The Challenge

The Challenge


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Which will be the best operating system?

Android or iOS?

Train yourself to improve your skills and register as an Android group member: in case of outstanding performance, you’ll have the chance to emerge as the best player of both your faction and the iOS one!

Take up the challenge!

Rearrange the words so that the indexes follow an increasing order, starting from the top left corner.

Be careful! Getting to the following level implies greater challenges!

In fact, you won’t have to fight only against the iOS faction; limited time, as well as the number of taps available and the grid dimension will test your capabilities to move forward. Moreover, indexes will help you just for a restricted number of stages: so please, do not rely blindly upon their guidance.

Remember: every letter has its specific position! So even though you guess it, it’s not sufficient unless it is placed correctly in the grid.

A daily bonus will be provided, so that you can be helped somehow while playing. In the worst case, by using it you’ll gain some more points.

It isn’t that difficult for you, isn’t it?

Android relies on you!
Be the best!


Original soundtrack!


Bonuses available:

Tap Count +10, +20 and +30%

Timer +10, +20 and +30%


Developing features:

- Facebook Login
- cloud backup
- Challenge a friend
- In-app Purchase to get rid of advertisings and gaining bonuses
- New game formats and challenges

Do you have any advice or proposal?
We care about your opinion, so please send an email to, we’ll be pleased to discuss your insights with our development team.

Who knows, maybe your name will appear among the credits ;)


There’s still an issue whose mention to you is in our core interest.

As a small software house in the province of Milan (Italy), we strongly need users’ help to get our foothold.

More precisely, by opening advertisings you’ll guarantee us the amount of related profits needed to develop the project.
Even though it might be bothersome for you, they allow us to spend our time in exchange, providing you with completely free games.

For this reason, besides thanking you for your patience to read to the bitter end, we clearly inform you on where you’ll find these ads:

- In the initial screen, during login, while registering, as well as in each level details page, there will be a 320x50 banner.
- Whenever daily bonuses will be provided from the “Daily Gift” screen, an ad will appear in full-screen mode (interstitial)
- Whenever playing in training mode, at the end of the game an ad will appear in full-screen mode (interstitial)
- Whenever a stage is lost, an ad will appear in full-screen mode (interstitial)
- After three (consecutively?) victories, an ad will appear in full-screen mode (interstitial)

Obviously, while playing no ads will be inserted.

Thanks to your advertising visualizations, we’ll be able to improve with further features and – last but not least – to have our time and efforts (for developing the projects and correcting the bugs) economically repaid; in this way, we offer both a free and funny product.

Among the following features to release, we’ll add an “in-app purchase”: by doing so, players who are less tolerant toward advertising will have the chance to play and enjoy the game ad-free; these small contributions made at purchase will enable us to develop new features and new free apps.

Thanks for your priceless support!
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    2017-08-11 09:36:12

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    DevLab Technologies

  • Compatbility

    Android 2.3+

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    Google Play


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