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The Lightbulb Audit


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Please take a look at my blog post for more information on this app, and for the Excel version of The Lightbulb Audit:

Did you know that you can leave your lounge room lights running 24h/day, and if it's an LED bulb, it'd only use about as much electricity as using an incandescent for a couple of hours in the evening? I know, right? That's messed up.

If you're always forget what type of lightbulb fittings are installed throughout your house, what brightness bulbs you have, or you just want to be able to save some money buy getting the right quantity or the right bulb when you see them on sale... This app is for you!

Not only will this handy audit app help you set up and manage a list of the light bulbs installed throughout your home or office, it will tell you your approximate electricity costs, as well as identifying potential savings that you can make simply by upgrading your bulbs, so that you can figure out whether it's worth upgrading or not (hint: it is).

If you like, you can even export your list as a .CSV file, to be read in excel (excel version of The Lightbulb Audit will be posted on my blog shortly.


This app started life as a spreadsheet (see blog link above): When I first moved into my own home, I had no idea what types of light fittings were installed. I didn't even know that this was a problem, until I saw a great sale on bulbs; and just after a light bulb had blown, too, but I hadn't gotten around to changing it... Was it a screw type? Bayonet type? Large or small? What brightness did I need? Should I get an LED bulb, or compact fluorescent (CFL)? Now that I think about it, do I need to upgrade my other incandescent bulbs to LED?
And thus the lightbulb audit was born.
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