The Lobby - Anonymous Chatroom

The Lobby - Anonymous Chatroom


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The Lobby is a FREE, anonymous, cross platform app for all users to have access to the best live chatrooms in the Play Store. We have great moderators (Identified by blue numbers next to their names) and administrators(Identified by colored numbers next to their name) to help you whenever you're in need of assistance. We are a rapidly growing community with active users and different rooms based on what you might be looking for, so it's almost impossible to not meet new people every day! With many public and private rooms to choose from, you'll fit in :)

Here is our list of public rooms:
The Lobby - The main room, this is where you will be when you start out and it is where most of the conversation occurs

Main2 - The Lobby room feeling too crowded or don't like the topic? Here is an overflow room

Clean kik Room - Here is a place to exchange your kik, or other username with other people.

Debate - Enjoy debating or watching others debate on a topic? This room is for you!

Teen room - TEENS ONLY! Room for teens to talk with their peers, If you are not a teen, you will be kicked out.

Roleplay - Clean roleplay allowed here for those who enjoy roleplaying. Just walk right in and join the fun as you express your alter egos and meet new people

LGBT Room - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender - Place for you to hang out! You are by no means restricted to this room but it is available as an option to meet people with similar interests!

Music Room - The world revolves around music, right? Come on in and discuss music, sing your favorite tunes with each other, and host rap battles, anything that involves music!

If you are the only person in a room, don't worry, Our chat bot, Sally, will always be there to talk to you :D
In addition to the public rooms, users can also create their own rooms by typing "!MYROOM" in the chat, or selecting it in the room list. You can invite others to your room by long pressing on their name. This menu also has a bunch of other neat options like private messaging, reporting, and blocking, so try it out!

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    2017-02-04 04:34:23

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    Matt Lang

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    Android 2.3+

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