The Szondi Test: Research of Depression

The Szondi Test: Research of Depression


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Examinee №23
“After I saw the results I had goose bumps. The coincidence is stunning, I didn’t expect this”

Examinee № 11
“It was like someone got into my mind. The results are very precise and personal, don’t show it to anybody if u don’t want to lose it" (laughing)

Examinee № 3
“I’ve always been skeptic about tests like that. But this one just impressed me, it came to my mind so deeply, it described my inner world so precisely that I’m shocked”

The Sondy’s Test is projective personality test, developed by a Swiss doctor, psychoanalyst and 
psychologist Leopold Szondy. This test brought worldwide fame to him. The Sondy’s method is a very subtle and accurate way of diagnostics.

- diagnostics of the content and structure of human beings’ impulses;
- assessment of emotional States and personality traits;
- identifying the level of emotional tension;
- prediction of the probability of different diseases;
- prediction of behavior in extreme situations;
- prediction of professional and criminal preferences.

This method can be used:
- in clinical practice, psychological counseling and psychotherapy for clarifying the problems and possibilities of the customers, identifying the level of stress and emotional disorders, assessment the effectiveness of psychological and pharmacological correction, judicial-psychological expertise;
-in personnel management and professional consultation for career guidance and occupation selection, assessment of the employees ' professional potential, forecasting their behavior in extreme situations and the effectiveness of task solutions, choosing the methods of motivation.
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