Tokyo Keyboard Theme

Tokyo Keyboard Theme


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How do I apply this theme?
To apply this theme you need to follow these steps:
1. Install Tokyo Keyboard Theme from Google Play store;
2. Open the theme;
3. Go to Theme Manager and press 'Installed' tab;
4. Find your theme and press 'Activate theme'

Do you want a custom font for this theme?
This theme comes with a free Google Font™ that will be activated the moment you install the theme. The font you can find it here:
Do you have something to say?
For errors, bugs or suggestions please contact us at this email:

Can I resize the font of my keyboard?
Yes, from Quick Settings you can change the size of your font from S-small, M-medium, to L-large.

Do you want more translations?
We have new layouts with translations coming soon. Be prepared!

Tokyo is Japan's capital and the world's most populous metropolis. Yoking past and future, Tokyo dazzles with its traditional culture and passion for everything new. Enjoy for free this amazing Tokyo Keyboard theme and explore the beautiful city at a glance. Tokyo is often referred to and thought of as a city, but is officially known and governed as a "metropolitan prefecture" , which differs from and combines elements of both a city and a prefecture; a characteristic unique to Tokyo.
This city is a pleasure to visit because of its contrasts between the past and the future. Our Tokyo Keyboard theme is perfectly for a fresh new start in the morning. This will revive you and it will make you imagine you explore the beautiful Asian city. From food to shopping, from culture to buildings, Tokyo is know for being crowded and full of energy. So don't miss the chance to download for free this amazing Tokyo Keyboard theme and recharge your energy with a metropolitan view. You can also check out our free keyboard themes and explore the beauty of those amazing colored outfits. Feel free to give us a rate and enjoy for free the energy of Tokyo 's atmosphere.

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