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This application provides you with four different ways to control music in your device, which are:

★ Proximity Sensor: Simply wave your hand over your phone to change/play/pause the music.
★ Overlay Button: This button would always stay on top of everything else that you do and dragging it would control your music and volume.
★ Accelerometer: Change the current playing track by just a little shake of the device.
★ Volume Buttons: Override volume buttons to change tracks instead of increase/decrease Volume. You can still change the volume by double or more clicking of the volume buttons.

The background service run by this app would never shut down (except when you run all out of memory and application like whatsapp start to shut down.) The service would restart even if they stop for some reason.

Details about each function are given below:

★ Proximity Gesture Service: The Proximity sensor is present in almost all android devices and is present at the very top of the device near the front camera.
There are three action that can be done using this function, which are, "One Swipe", "Two Swipes" and "Hold". The action to be taken for each of the services can be selected from within the app which can be:- 'Play/Pause', 'Next Track', 'Previous Track' or None of the Above. You can choose the time required for the "Hold" gesture to register from the app.

★ Overlay Button Service: This is the most intuitive function of this app. A button appears on top of the screen which can be used to do anything that you can imagine to do with your music.
You can position the button anywhere by simply long holding and then dragging it. To change/pause music or to change the volume you simply have to move it. There are four directions in which you can move it (directions being left, right, top and bottom) and the user can select the action (action being 'Play/Pause', 'Next', 'Previous', 'Stop', 'Volume Up', 'Volume Down' and 'None') to be performed on movement in each direction.
Additionally there are two more directions (diagonally upwards towards right and same towards the left) which are reserved for volume change.
The additional directions can again be disabled from within the app. When changing volume user can select whether to show/hide the default volume UI.

★ Shake Controller/Accelerometer: Simply shake the device to change the current playing track to the next one in the list.The intensity for shake can be changed from the app. This function might not work in some devices when screen is off but that depends on you device vendor and most of them allow it.

★ Volume Button: Press the volume button once to change the track to next or previous based on your settings.
Change volume by double/triple or more pressing of the volume buttons. But be cautious to keep an interval of at least 5 seconds between a volume change and track change or the volume would change unnecessarily (no great harm done). Whenever you use the volume button to change the track, the UI might show a change in volume but it doesn't really happen, the volume remains the same. Also double pressing the volume only just increases or decreases the volume once and not twice.

Help for each function is provided in the app and the UI is extremely intuitive.

This app is free for a limited time and any suggestions are welcome. Simply post them in reviews below or mail me.

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