Ultracoin QT Wallet

Ultracoin QT Wallet


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Ultracoin is ultrafast with an transaction speed of 6 seconds and it needs only 60 seconds for confirmation!

Ultracoin is a hybrid proof-of-work / proof-of-stake coin, whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they hold Ultracoin. With Ultracoin you can send and receive currency worldwide to friends, family or business partners. You may even exchange it for other currencies or simply use it to buy goods.
Miners are currently awarded with 30 new Ultracoins per block, an amount which gets halved roughly every 990,000 blocks. The Ultracoin network is therefore scheduled to produce 100 million Ultracoins, which is almost 4.5 times as many currency units as Bitcoin.

Ultracoin can be mined with both CPU's and GPU's. Furthermore, with an ASIC resistant Scrypt ChaCha base, you can feel at ease. This will ensure that you won't be surprised by new hardware technologies.
UTC is a hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake coin, whereby active nodes are involved in the mining of blocks if they hold UTC.

The Ultracoin Mission

To create a première, accepted, easy to use, decentralized and supported crypto-currency with enough mass appeal to become seriously disruptive to the current economic system. To remain competitive in an unforgiving and ruthless free market in competing currencies, and never become a commodity. To become a powerful alternative to debt backed fiat, and never lose sight of that purpose. To take economics seriously, with disregard to gimmicks and manipulation. To provide stable releases that can serve users without fail. To garner a community united by a common purpose, mutual self-interest, and passion for crypto-currency. To take our communities investment, time, talent, and effort to the future, instead of "to the moon". To create a currency worthy of voluntary acceptance, without "legal tender" laws. To create money that will last years beyond generations, and not money that will be losing its value, starting wars, manipulated by political agendas, controlled by banks, printed to infinity, forced upon the people, squandering savings accounts, propping up the financial sector, or controlled by the few. To create a currency that will be recognized beyond political affiliations, geographical boarders, or nationalities. To change the face of currency and the way commerce is performed as we know it.

Total coins: 100,000,000
Premine: 2% (1.6% IPO / 0.3% DEV / 0.1% REWARDS)
Block time target: 60 seconds
Block reward: 30, halving at 4,000,000 blocks
Difficulty retarget over 10 blocks (Max 8% Up, 16% Down)
Mined block confirmation: 50
Transaction confirmation: 5
NFactor Integration
Port: 44100
Rpc port: 44101

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    2017-02-08 01:34:29

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    Ultracoin Development

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    Android 2.3+

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