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【What kind of UME would you like?】
【Yes, UME has launched and will be working to better serve you.】

【UME Bicycles】
Regarding UME, our philosophy is very simple:
You will be happy to select UME as your first and your choice is definitely not driven by its cost.

【Virtual Geostation】
Our Geostations are installed in high density, allowing you to be sure that your reserved UME Bike is waiting for you exactly at a familiar location with no GPS error.
Now keep your phone, head to your familiar location with confidence to retrieve your Bike
Of course, you have to return your Bike to our Geostations when done.

【Unlock via Contactless Card】
Besides Mobile Phone, you can unlock our Bicycles using Public Transport cards
You can also unlock using RFID Cards
Of course, you can also unlock using your UME Contactless Cards

【Family Plan】
All you need is one account to rent multiple UME bikes.
If you are willing, you can add anyone into our family plan even if they do not have a UME account.
Of course, you must be willing to pay for their fare.

【Sharing Scheme】
Participate in UME City Bike Sharing Initiative,
You can utilise any UME Bikes across many cities while earning rental from your own contributed Bike.
Unlike your belief, you can participate even if you do not have your own Bicycle
What we can assure is that, this will be an interesting opportunity.

【Trust Programme】
No deposit for utilising UME Bikes unless you flout our rules repeatedly.
We believe that you will definitely be not willing to pay for deposit, therefore please use our bicycles legally and responsibly.
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