Unsigned Artist 24 hours a day

Unsigned Artist 24 hours a day


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You would think local radio stations would play local artists, but you would be wrong!
It makes sense that local radio would be proud if they could say they had helped a local artist to the big time, but none of them do! Commercial Radio and all the people who work for them are convinced that if they deviate from the national playlist, they will immediately lose listeners, so local artists are usually completely taboo!
Not so at KCEG! The radio station online with new music that is proud to promote new artists and new music!!
We are looking for more Groups, artist and bands to join our team, we can get your music online within 24 hours in most case's.

We are playing Unsigned Artist 24 hours a day and you will never be charged, all we ask is they promote us on your flyers, website and your facebook. Want to get your music on KCEG Radio within 24 hours? Submit music at http://kcegradio.com, and we will get you online.

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