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You can very well calculate the DEPTH-OF-FIELD these days. But what happens beyond the DOF area? Well, everything is blurred, but how much? Visual DOF app will tell you exactly.

Introducing to you the tool that estimates for you not only DOF, but also how non-sharp (blurred) is your background.

First thing the app provides you with the visual of your background and how non-sharp it would be. Just move the controls to see the changes in sharpness.

Second, the app measures the blurriness – by the details of the background that can or cannot be recognized (’resolved’) in the final image. For example, wrinkles, hair, small letters of logo may be your details. So you can easily calculate your shooting settings to keep some fine details sharp or intentionally blurred.

Additional great feature of this app is that it helps to avoid the artifact called ’moire’. Just make sure that the minimal resolved detail of the background is slightly more than the smallest unit of the troublesome grid.

See more detailed guide at

This great tool is based on the works by Harold M. Merklinger.

Visual DOF app supports some most popular cameras / sensors:

- full frame 35mm
- Canon APS-C
- Nikon APS-C
- 4/3 standard
- Black Magic Cinema / Pocket / Production 4K cameras
- Phase One Digital Back (1.3x crop)

If you feel necessity to add some more, or you think you see how to improve this app, let me know at

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