Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing

Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing


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Everybody can sing better. Improve your vocal skills in a fun and educational way.

The vocal trainer is a vocal calculator to help you understand your voice abilities, help to improve them and train you in notes structure and logic.
It uses your device recorder to analyze incoming sound data and to guide you to improve accuracy and strength of your voice.

The app will play a note / phrase of notes and your goal is to sing these notes accurately according to each exercise guidelines.
An active piano keyboard will allow you to visualize the notes structure and the corrections needed to reach a specific pitch.

The app has several exercises you can use to train, each trains a specific vocal ability and they all help in improving accuracy and knowledge.


Single note:
The app will play a random note from notes range, sing back this note accuratly to complete the exercise. Trains pitch accuracy.

Sing a phrase:
The app will play a serious of notes based on selected sequence, sing back each note by order. Trains pitch accuracy and intervals understanding.

Hold the note:
The app will play a random note from notes range, sing back played note for as long as you can. Trains pitch accuracy and voice strength.

Find by interval:
The app will play a random note from notes range and will highlight a different note, sing highlighted note based on the interval from played note. Intermediate exercise to improve structure and intervals logic understanding.

Free singing:
Sing a note or sequence of notes and the keyboard will highlight detected notes. Can be used to tune instruments.


The vocal trainer was built for everyone, professionals and beginners:
Choose the right difficulty for you (beginner, normal, expert)
Choose notes range for the app to pick from, this will match the exercise to your vocal range.


This vocal trainer requires a microphone to use.
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    2017-08-12 01:52:12

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    Lior Hai

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    Android 2.3+

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    Music & Audio

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    Google Play


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