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VOCO Controller


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Voice Control Music & Video with VOCO’s wireless media streaming system.

Using the power of your voice, easily and effectively operate the VOCO Voice Controller to access music and media on your Android device. With our cutting-edge technology, voice searches accurately retrieve artists and songs, create playlists, play corresponding YouTube videos, and much more. Select media from your personal archives, or allow VOCO to bring you 50,000 FREE internet radio stations including music, sports, and talk radio with TuneIn. The VOCO Controller lets you use the power of your voice to stream music and video with your Android device.

Take the next step and wirelessly stream digital media throughout your home when you purchase a VOCO V-Zone for only $299.99 or a VOCO V-Zone+ for $399.99 (Additional products coming soon). VOCO products connect to any stereo or powered speakers and allow you to access content on your phone, tablet, Mac/PC (including your iTunes library), online music services, internet radio, iPods, MP3 player, or USB hard drive.

To buy a V-Zone, V-Zone+, or future VOCO products, visit the “Get to know me” tab in the VOCO Controller and click the “Buy a V-Zone” button. You will be re-directed to myvoco.com and our VOCO Store!

Getting the media you want is fast and easy with VOCO – all using the power of your voice!

Add up to 10 zones to create your own VOCO Voice Controlled Multi-Room Music System throughout your home. “You Say It.” ((VOCO Plays It.))

Currently controls some Squeezebox devices. The use of non-VOCO hardware is not supported.

We reserve the right to change anything at any time without notice.

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