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Modify and change your voice with this amazing app, a voice changer with different funny sound effects! Have fun trying out different effects on your voice and trick your friends into thinking that you are nervous or cranky simply by applying these effects to your voice! You have all tried inhaling helium and getting squeaky voices, well now you can hear what you would sound like with hexafluoride, the helium's evil twin! Make your voice epic with this effect and talk like movie star using hexafluoride!

Download this free app and change your voice with this awesome voice modifier!

Use the built-in voice recorder to record yourself and then add hilarious free sound effects in order to modify your voice!

Set these funny voices and funny sounds as free ringtones or notifications or share the audio files with your friends and family!

The features of this cool app are the following:
Talking effects
Instant play of the modified voice
Record sound, save, listen and share
Set as ringtones
Set as notifications

The sounds you can find in the sound library are: you, ant echo, baby monkey, cave, comics, cranky, echo repeat, fan, hexafluoride, high sound, lost world, microphone echo, nervous, rabbit, rattlesnake echo.

Funny Voice Modifier is such a simple tool to use to change your voice. Record your voice with the voice recorder of this free app or choose any other audio file from your phone, select your favorite sound effects and apply them to the sound recordings and listen to the new funny voices and funny sounds you've created. You can choose to set them as ringtones, sms tones or notifications, or share them with your friends and family via emails, chat apps or instant messengers.

This free app is an amazing voice changer which allows you to combine more sound effects to your voice. For example you can sound like a scary giant from a cave just by combining two effects - cave and hexafluorid. You can apply even more sound effects, so you can have endless fun every day.

Get creative and create cool free ringtones for your mobile with this voice modifier. You can play with your voice and make unique funny ringtones for calls or sms ringtones, even notifications This app is a voice recorder, voice changer and ringtone maker in one, just so you can maximize your fun..
Make your friends laugh by sending them voice messages of your modified funny voices via chat apps or instant messaging programs.

This is the best of all free apps for voice modifying and this sound editing program lets you change your voice in many different witty ways! Never ending fun is guaranteed because you can use and combine many different free sound effects with a just press of a button. Add background sounds to your voice or talk, sing, shout and change your voice with this modifier of sound!

Making free ringtones has never been easier nor more fun! Download this free program and you will be able to make hilarious free ringtones for your mobile phone, ringtones, sms tones and notifications. Funny Voice Modifier lets you share these funny voice recordings and funny sounds with your friends just as easily as making them. Do you and your friends love pranks? Well they are going to love you entertaining them with this app, sending them the hilarious sounds of your voice modified!

Have a blast playing with your voice and modifying it with this voice changer! Have the most original ringtones and create new ringtones every day! Entertain your company by sending them these comical sounds you've made using this awesome free app!
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