VPN App Prism Breaker 4 free

VPN App Prism Breaker 4 free


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The FREE VPN App Prism Breaker offers internet users maximized online privacy and secure protection against data espionage. Create a new anonymous online identity by choosing a new ip address connected to countries such as Spain, Netherlands, France, Austria, the UK, and etc. The VPN App Prism Breaker enables you to protect your privacy and security, so you can enjoy the internet without worrying.

Going online generates a unique IP address connected to you, allowing unauthorized persons, websites and organizations to track and follow all your online action. But now you can protect your privacy and stay secure. The annoymous browser and anonymous VPN App Prismbreaker hides your public IP address by redirecting traffic between you and the webpage via a complex network of anonymous proxy servers. The Server of the website "sees" only the requests of the proxy and not hidden users behind the anonymous browser and anonymous VPN. You remain completely anonymous.

With Prism Breaker anonymous browser and anonymous VPN you can access blocked websites like Youtube, Twitter and facebook, even if these sites contain areas blocked in your country! Enjoy unlimited global access to any website with the anonymous browser of Prism Breaker.

Facts about Prism-Breaker:
* Anonymize your real ip address and encrypt your data
* No storage of your passwords
* No cookie storage
* No flash
* No flash cookie storage
* No ad tracking (allows advertisers your usage, due to track and analyze)
* No storage of visited pages.

The anonymous browser and anonymous VPN service Prism Breaker is suitable for:
* Individuals who value their privacy
* Entrepreneurs who require encryptment of their communication
* Professionals working in high-risk fields such as journalism
* Activists and whistleblowers

We continuously optimize VPN Prism Breakerpp so that your privacy and security are always one step ahead.

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