VR Aquarium Swim 3d Tube Play

VR Aquarium Swim 3d Tube Play


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Create your own fascinating and realistic underwater world on your mobile device!

Aquarium VR - it's a real live aquarium that you can take with you wherever you go!

With Aquarium VR you can create attractive saltwater, freshwater and even fantasy aquariums as well as choose their inhabitants and decorate them. You can buy, feed, grow and sell fish,

earning coins, diamonds and experience. There are over 100 species of exotic fish, more than 100 decorations and items, a variety of backgrounds and aquatic pets. Your possibilities are endless!

Enjoy the journey into the alluring and mysterious underwater world and be sure to invite your friends!

This AquaLife 3D is your real aquarium VR in your mobile device!

You can explore a new world by diving into the deep ocean and have an enjoyable journey to see different fish species. Scuba Diving experience will be great with the VR Ocean, Aquarium VR.

You can learn the names of the fish and look them closely. When you approach a fish, the movement will be slower so that you can closely examine the details. Just look at another place

to move again,take a journey under the sea to discover what lies beneath our virtual aquarium.

This interactive aquarium features sharks, clown fish and many more. Look deeper to learn more about the ethereal sea life in the pacific ocean.

If you want to discover what type of fish is in our virtual reality aquarium, gaze at the specific fish to reveal their description.

This app requires Virtual Reality Headset.

Interactive Aquarium app is brought to you from the creators of Aquarium VR. Download more of our virtual reality and augmented reality apps at the app store.

The application is totally free.

It is very easy. Just look at where you want to swim. When you approach a fish, the movement will be slower so that you can closely examine the details. Just look at another place to move again.

- Easy usage
- Very beautiful graphics. Realistic ocean environment
- Nice animated fish in the ocean

So, Float around underwater, watch the fish schooling and the subtle interactions between different groups.Use some headphones for a more a immersive experience, and don't forget to breathe.

Simply sit back, chillax, look around and enjoy the VR experience.

No movement or buttons are used. This is a simple demonstration using Google Cardboard, and the second in a series of studies that attempts to mimic complex


Some other featutres:

- realistic 3D fish and decorations;
- 8 aquariums space for your imagination;
- the constant addition of new types of fish;
- the opportunity to earn coins, diamonds and experience;
- play with your friends, give and receive gifts.

Please vote for our app so that we will be adding more VR apps and develop it better.
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