VR Star Night Sky View Walk

VR Star Night Sky View Walk


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VR Star Night Sky View Walk - an android-based interactive star map showing asteroids, comets and planetary positions.

It contains a detailed sky map and a descriptive list of the best objects to see with a telescope or using just your eyes. The Constellation Secret - Explore The Night Sky Stars VR is suitable for all stargazers including newcomers to astronomy.

It's the mobile planetarium in VR, designed for astronomy fans to explore the universe.

It map 3D Star Field into a sphere surface, and then look from outside into the sphere ball. You can image all near objects that will move much faster than a normal 3D mapping, finally this deliver a great immersive VR experience you never experienced before.

Note: Please moving head slowly to immersive into the gorgeous space with enhanced VR.

Dive into 3D star field in VR world, explore the space which is full with stars, constellations, planets and messier objects in different layers. Objects in the center of your eyes will automatically be highlighted and pops up with info box.

VR Star Night Sky View Walk features:
• Default catalogue of over 100,000 stars
• All the known constellations with detailed descriptions
• Powerful zoom that maintains high-resolution image quality
• Language for User Interface: English only
• All new graphical interface and extensive control
• Available VR mode
• No Internet connection required
• Universal app-Fits all screen sizes
• Sun, Moon, Planets in Solar System, 88 Constellations and 8000+ stars visible to the naked eyes.
• 12 Zodiac Constellations Art & 6 famous deep sky objects with magnificent graphics.
• Location auto set by GPS, or set manually.
• Smooth motion flow and quick response which is realized by cutting edge signal processing technique.
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