VRTube: 360, 3d videos player for Google Cardboard

VRTube: 360, 3d videos player for Google Cardboard


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VRTube is a virtual reality video app for Youtube. There are many kind of videos, jump into games, horror movies, dive into ocean, watching sharks, girls, and roller coasters, etc. They are all 360° and you can watch it with / without headset.

VRTube's features

- Rotate 360 degrees by swiping
- Rankings by category
- Displays 360 degrees videos only
- Can zoom in / zoom out
- Unlimited playlist creation
- Compatible with VR headset (Google Cardboard, Gear VR, etc.)
- Support 3D panoramic videos
- Spatial audio mode
- Search only 360° videos
- Social share

□ Free to rotate 360 degrees
You can manipulate camera's rotation freely by swiping the screen

□ Compatible with 360° , 3D panoramic videos
It supports 360 degrees videos. And 3d panoramic videos that look three-dimensionally when viewed through the headset.

□ Rankings by category
It displays 360° videos by the major categories on You Tube (Music, Entertainment, Game, Comedy, People and blogging, Education, Pets, Films and Animation, Automobiles, Travel and events, Sports, Science and Technology).

□ VR mode
There is VR mode that can perform binocular display and head tracking with a gyro sensor. If you activate VR mode and wear a headset (Cardboard, Gear VR etc.), you can experience an immersive viewing!

□ Zoom in / zoom out
It is enable to zoom in / zoom during playback

□ Three-dimensional acoustic mode
Three-dimensional sound can be heard according to the orientation of the camera when the three-dimensional acoustic mode is activated.

□ Playlist
Playlist creation and subscription is enable.

How to use

□ Switching the view mode to stereo and single mode
Tap the glasses icon to switch the view mode.

□ Zoom
Pinch on the screen.

□ Three-dimensional acoustic mode
Tap a headphone icon to activate spatial audio

□ Playlist
Tap the heart icon or tap the share button and select save to the play list

□ Move to next video
Seek to the end of the video

This app uses following libraries.

Copyright c 2010-2017 three.js authors MIT License
WebVR Polyfill
Copyright 2015 Google Inc Apache License 2.0
WebVR Boilerplate
Copyright 2015 Google Inc Apache License 2.0
Copyright 2013 Square,Inc.Apache License 2.0
Android Open Source Project
Copyright 2013 The Android Open Source Project Apache License 2.0
Copyright 2013 Intel Corporation BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License


- VRTube is a YouTube video streaming app. There is no function to download video. It should be online when playing (it does not support to download and offline playback).
- Bug reporting is enabled from the menu on the app.
- Sometimes drawing does not start even if the video is played. In that case, it can be playback normally by reading again
- It may be shaky on acceleration sensor only device
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