Wallpaper for Whatsapp

Wallpaper for Whatsapp


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If you're bored with the same background on your whatsapp. WALLPAPER FOR WHATSAPP you will love is a standalone app.

Allows you:

Share on Whatsapp, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Line and many more.
Save to your gallery or SD.
Use as wallpaper on your cell phone.
View screen image Zoom.
View collection Wallpapers in presentation mode.
Use the background to your liking manually or semi-automatically.

Requirements app before downloading and for better use:

1. Fast Internet and 4G:
Backgrounds and wallpapers for your mobile are HD and high resolution you need a bandwidth of more than 2 Megas, I suggest you try it before in fast.com

2. Disk Space or Micro SD:
Each wallpaper for whatsapp weighs an average of 2 Megas why the insistence on the fast internet. Also must have disk space suggest having a Micro SD installed and run app Clean Master.

3. Understand that Whatsapp NO allows full access to the function of wallpapers:
As you know whatsapp is very serious with your program and not allow much access to their APIs and functions completely so this app helps you in two ways to place wallpaper background on whatsapp, the first is the MANUAL MODE < / b> and the second SEMIAUTOMATIC MODE.

4. Give storage permits if you use android 6 or higher.

User Guide Wallpaper for Whatsapp MANUAL MODE:

1. Having fast internet, non-blocking and more of 2 Megas.
2. Select the background image to your liking at the 3 points and use the function that says "Whatsapp WALLPAPER"
3. Open Whatsapp on the 3 points locate Settings> Chat> Wallpaper> Gallery> Folder "FONDOSWHATSAPP"> Adjust picture> Set.
4. Enjoy.
5. If you can support the rating.

User Guide for Whatsapp Wallpaper SEMIAUTOMATIC MODE:

1. Having fast internet, non-blocking and more of 2 Megas.
2. In Whatsapp go to the menu Background> Android System> icon Morado "Wallpaper for Whatsapp"> Always
3. Give click image to our liking wait to download, adjustment and setting.
4. Enjoy.
5. If you can support the rating.

Notes: Mode Semiautomatic

1. You must be patient, if the image does not download and you press accept Whatsapp throw ERROR and should try again.
2. Semi-automatic mode works with images TRENDS and any other image you add to the FAVORITE MENU.

Other functions such as SHARE, SAVE and WALLPAPER are super easy-to-understand and directly.


1. The app NO has any affiliation with or Facebook inc or Whatsapp Inc and brand owners Inc. This is an independent APP that has nothing to do with any that mark.
2. Any that mark, logo or image is unique to its owner, this app is only indexing images from the Internet, if you believe violate copyright send us an email with a screenshot and description of the problem in less than 5 days will be eliminated.
4. The app uses ads and banner full screen mode, also uses cookies and tracking codes for usage statistics and advertising
5. When using, download and manipulate the app, You accept all the conditions and changing this without notice.
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