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this application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of wallpaper yin yang
set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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the tiger and dragon beautifully symbolize the yin yang (duality) of the universe. free yin yang wallpaper. these two symbols of the male and female energies of chi energy have very specific meanings and can be used as feng shui cures as well as works of art. according to chinese astrology, the white tiger carries yin energy. this animal has always represented the admirable qualities of courage and patience. after all, the tiger must stalk its prey secretly and steadily in order to avoid scaring away its dinner. free yin yang wallpaper. tigers know when to lay low, but they can also spring into action when it's beneficial to reveal themselves.

the green dragon is a noble creature of good fortune according to chinese astrology. that's quite a different viewpoint from the one held in western culture. the chinese dragon is strong, adventurous and very outgoing. free yin yang wallpaper. its energy is typically yang unless you happen to be dealing with a white yin dragon. pulling the energies of the tiger and the dragon into the yin yang symbol helps visualize some of the finer points of the ancient t'ai chi. the basic symbol portrays the dark energy of yin on the left half and the bright energy of yang on the right half. typically, each side contains a drop of the other. in a tiger and dragon yin yang, these drops are either replaced or further enhanced by the celestial creatures. the yang dragon is set against the yin and the yin tiger is set against the yang half of the symbol.

as mentioned previously, these animals represent two major orientations in the yin yang's design. the symbol serves as a compass, although its cardinal directions are actually the reverse of the western compass. free yin yang wallpaper. the tiger's westward direction is represented by its position on the right. the dragon's eastward direction is represented by its position to the left of the tiger.

select fps of the live wallpaper
set animation speed of live wallpaper
set live wallpaper size according to your phone screen
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