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Water Drinker - Water Reminder


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Water Drinker is free application water tracker and water reminder with funny monster character.

Drinking enough water and stay hydrated is one of the best ways to keep you healthy.
But how do we know, we drink enough water a day? So we should start tracking our drinking.

How about doing it in a fun way?
Your drinking water will not just disappear in space because it will be in your water tank.
So, you can water your plant. Grow it up, harvest it then get the gold for buying your items.

Let "Water Drinker" be your water tracker and drinking reminder.

** Application Key Features **

1. Daily Water Drink Tracker
The Water Drinker application will help you for tracking your daily water and Water Drinker will make your drinking a lot more fun with our cool features like Mini Bar where you can drinking other beverage, Gym where you can do the exercise, and more are waiting for you to explore.

2. Water Reminder (Notification)
The application will notify you a message for drinking water. You can set your day time and notification time period.

3. Water Drink Challenge
You can challenge yourself by drink water at least 90% of your day water amount and WIN the surprise gift.

4. Water The Plant
You can use your drinking water for planting and glow it up then harvest it for the gold.

5. Funny Monster Character
He's called "Water Drinker" and he likes water so much!! You can buy him items, dressing him and make him happy.

6. Smart Thermometer
This Thermometer will track your drinking behaviors and give you some suggestion for drinking (But he is not so smart like he call himself)

7. Usage Summary
Water Drinker will give you a summary about your drinking such as how many days you start tracking your water, how many amounts you drank, consume the amount of Caffeine (mg), consume the amount of Alcohol. This information will help you for improving yourself to be a better Water Drinker.

8. Activity Tracking
Water Drinker will help you tracking your day behavior or activity. For now, you can track your Caffeine amount from coffee, cola drinking, Alcohol drinking and you also can tracking your working out, toilet behaviors because those activities impact to your body water.

9. Heart Rate
Heart Rate simulator (estimate value) this application will simulate your heart rate that affected by Caffeine and Alcohol.

10. Capture and Share your Water Monster
We have a feature: Camera, which let you capture your scene and save it to the Gallery or your device. And you can share your captured photo with your Drinking Progress to Social Network.

** From us ***
We're trying to improve this application to be the better one.
Thank you for supporting this application.

Start tracking your water drinking today for better health tomorrow.
Water Drinker will be your friend. Hope you will enjoy :)

" Let's make your drinking a lot more fun !! "
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