Water Intake Reminder and Hydration

Water Intake Reminder and Hydration


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Hydration Reminder! Will Help you to increase your Water Daily Intake by Sending you a custom Notifications through the day. We Focused on the Simplest of Interaction with the application, and tried to make it more pleasant to look at. Just insert your Profile information and enjoy a healthy living by increasing your Energy, remove toxins from your body and many benefits you will get by staying hydrated. The Application Contain:
Dashboard Section
• Display Panel all the information collected.
• Different Pre-set water-intakes for your convenience.
• Manual Insertion if you want to be more specifics.

statistical Analysis:
Weakly Chart
• Present 7 days of progress with animated chart.
Monthly Chart
• Display last 30 days of water intake and weight stored.
Profile Page:
• Collect all the information needed to calculate your perfect ideal water consumption through weight, Gender, and level of Activity.
Application Settings:
• Customize the Frequency of Notifications by choosing between 15 Minutes to 1440 Minutes. Or leave it by default which is 90 Minutes.
• Apply don’t disturb Time to more enjoyable relaxing day.
About us Page:
• Just a brief introduction about us.

We Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference, we are just couple of programmers who love to make android applications and want to enjoy what are we doing. We are not experts and still young in the development business. please share with us your comments and feedback to make it better.
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