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Weather and Traffic


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This "Weather & Traffic" app has been designed to use voice commands to quickly and easily obtain Information about the weather and traffic.  This way you can view weather maps, visual and infrared cloud images (from weather satellites) , storm , rain , snow , fog, temperature and other images. This information is displayed with the built-in browser and can be obtained by stating the name of a country, region or place.

Similarly, traffic information can be obtained and where possible the contents of the traffic web page will be read aloud.

In addition, you can use the amazing Flight Radar function via the built-in browser for a selected number of locations. Thus you can "live" track aircraft movements.

Weather & Traffic also gives an idea of how our great "BRAINZ" software operates. BRAINZ is a Personal Assistant with more than 1250 similar features as provided by Weather & Traffic.

If you prefer not to use voice recognition you can also select each function manually from the elaborate menu.

An elaborate Menu is also present (button top left). As soon as you touch this button a screen will appear with three lists. Using these lists is easy:
1. First select the continent (e.g. Europe) or select one of the special functions.
2. Next select the region or country from the second list (e.g. England).
3. Various choices will now appear in the third list. By touching one of the three tabs you can switch from Weather to Traffic to Flight Radar functions for the chosen country or region.
4. Finally touch a row in this third list to view the relevant information (e.g. Weather England Clouds).

Make sure that you have an English TTS (text-to-speech) engine installed on your Android. Google voices are good but you can buy better voices from brands like SVox, Acapela, Cereproc and Ivona in the Play store.
There are also free voices available by Espeak, but they do sound a bit robotic.

A powerful feature of "Weather & Traffic" is that the voice only reads the relevant parts of visited webpages. All other "ballast" like advertisements, pictures etc. are filtered away.

Note-1: Make sure that you always install the most recent version of  "Weather and Traffic" because this app uses many sources on the Internet that change frequently.

Note-2: Say "Shop" and you will be directly guided to our shop in the Google Play store.

We wish you lots of pleasure with this software.

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