What's Going On?

What's Going On?


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WSGO (What's Going On?) is a very simple Google Calendar manager for your resources (rooms, in particular). It works by presenting a better interface specially designed to this specific kind of calendar, that shows the rooms, their statuses (when is the next meeting or the next vacancy), and allows for quick scheduling.

Using the default google apps, in order to find an available room, you must invite every room to your event. With WSGO, you can easily which rooms are empty, and also easily schedule a quick meeting (inviting the selected room).

Additionally, it's possible to associate Beacons (Estimote's work nicely) to each room, and have to app automatically select a room when you are nearby.


The app is very simple and has three screens:

All - This is the first screen and lists all the rooms and their statuses in your organization. It shows up if you are not using beacons, are not nearby any beacons or has engaged in manual navigation.
Room - This screen is shown when you approach a room or select one in All screen. It shows all the events in a given room, and allow for you to schedule your own in the available times.
New Event - This shows up when you select an available time in the Room screen. It will allow you to select a specific time for your meeting and a name, but it comes with sensible defaults (starting now, taking 30 minutes, named "Quick Reservation"). It will already invite the room, which will, since it will only allow you to schedule when it's available, accept.


You need a G-Suite custom domain e-mail in order for this to work. Do not use it with a plain gmail address, it will not work.

If you are outside our company, you can use the app as well! Just contact me via my website: http://luan.xyz for our options on pricing and support for setup.

You can easily get started within the day, and you require no special permissions within your company to try it out.

Our rates are very cheap and merely symbolic.


Suggestions, feedbacks, and comments can be left here or sent to me via my website. I will be happy to answer!
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    2017-08-14 03:34:12

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    Luan Nico

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    Android 2.3+

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