WHS Live (Light)

WHS Live (Light)


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About Us
WHS (Wind Hydro & Sun Energy Services) is a Operation & Technical Management Services provider that offers a vast range of services that meet all of
developers and shareholder’s needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff provides comprehensive and skilled solutions for your problems. No other
energy service provider works in stricter cooperation with energy project’s developers and owners to maximize profits and ensure success over the entire
life span of the project. Our multi-vendor trained staff can provide every service for your energy project.

About Application
In order to create a more close and trusted relation with the clients, we developed a application that simplifies the concept of Operation & Technical Management
of Renewable Energy assets. All of the most important information of the assets can be access through this intuitive Mobile Scada just by a simple touch.
Information such as availability, power production, power factor and even revenue of the asset or portfolio are presented in Real Time through a simple and quick way allowing more transparency.
This application is a important step towards an operation more connected to the client giving the feeling of being the head of the operations in the field
representing in the most refined and clean way of the experience, knowhow and technology of WHS.

In resume, WHS Live is a multi-manufacture Real Time Mobile Scada system that follows you where ever you go.

Multi-manufacture Scada for tablets and smartphones
Different manufactures in the portfolio view
Worldwide view
Assets represented in a geo-referenced interface
Communication status object for each asset
Portfolio/Asset availability
Portfolio/Asset power output
Portfolio/Asset capacity factor animation
Portfolio/Asset installed capacity
Asset apparent power
Asset active power
Asset reactive power
Asset power factor
Asset resource
Timestamp of the displayed data
Refresh data status animation
Overview of each asset selecting the correspondent object
Real-time information
Production (asset and power converters)
Meteorological data (asset and power converters)
Status (asset and power converters)
Power factor (asset)
Budget (asset)
Incoming revenue (portfolio and asset)
Historical data (portfolio and asset)
Hour, daily or monthly resolution

This Mobile Scada technology is also available in different OS platforms

Be free to visit our site www.whs.pt

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