Widespread Augmented Reality 2

Widespread Augmented Reality 2


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Anonymously geotag, view and share hot or cool points of interest through an augmented reality heads up display.


1. Upload a picture of your current location.
2. Scan the horizon for geotags left anonymously at locations nearby.
3. Tap the geotags to connect on a more meaningful level.


1. To make your mark on the world and find others doing the same

2. When someone asks, "Where are you?", just geotag your spot, tell them your handle and they will find you quickly through their own WAR heads up display.
Lengthy directions are no longer necessary.
Just find the geotag in your H.U.D. and head towards it.


This system is different from other Augmented Reality browsers in three key ways.

1. First, the geotagged locations and content are yours, your friends and the general public. You are not force fed commercial listings, a.k.a. ATMs, Banks, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, Hospitals, Hotels, Taxis, Movie Theatres, Beauty Salons, et. al.

2. Secondly, you do not log in with any identifying information. Your WAR handle is anonymous and disposable. Share your handle with trusted friends via e-mail or social networks. Create private cliques to share sensitive points of interest, e.g. hook ups and dead drops.

3. Lastly, the desktop interface at http://SpiderOnFire.com/Desktop.php allows you to place virtual billboards at key locations without physically having to be there. If you're a business, maybe you'd want a virtual billboard floating above your roof.

The possibilities are endless with the ever-changing sky as the limit.

So go deep; go beyond your line of sight.

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