Wifi Single Mode(AutoWifi/LTE)

Wifi Single Mode(AutoWifi/LTE)


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Caution!!: On android5.0, mobile data enable/disable function doesn't work.

This application automatically turn mobile data communication(3G/LTE) off when Wifi is connected.And, Automatically turn mobile data communication on when Wifi is disconnected.
This makes power consumption small by disabling 3G data modem function when unnecessary.

This application also has optional function which disable Wifi when Wifi is disconnected with screen off condition. In case of screen on, Wifi is always enabled.
With WiFi OFF Ctrl option, WiFi is automatically disabled after 1 minutes from WiFi is enabled, if there is no active WiFi connection.

Sync can be also disabled automatically when screen off except when charger is connected.

In device's Wifi Advanced setting, I recommend you to set "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" as "Always".(Detailed wording may be defferent among device vendors.)

From version 1.5.0,following functions are added.
1)Bluetooth Auto Disable
During using Bluetooth device like headset, if connection lost more than 10MIN,
this function automatically turn Bluetooth off.
This function aims to avoid to forget to disable Bluetooth function.

This function detects Headset Profile,A2DP Profile,and Health Profile devices.
If you use devices with other profiles,do not use enable this function.

2)High Priority
This option specify priority of this application in the system.If this option is checked, application icon is shown in nortification area,and make this application priority high.In case of low memory,this option protect the application from killed by system.
If this option is not checked,application icon disappears, but maybe killed earlier in case of low memory.

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