World Local Time Zone Contacts

World Local Time Zone Contacts


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Need to find Time of a place? No calculations anymore! As they say "Even time flies!!!"

Well, we all need to call friends in a different cities or even in a different country. This App makes it extremely easy for you to get the time, place info right with your contacts!

App provides you local time, place of the contacts for all over the world in an intuitive way!!


✓ App is integrated with the existing phone contacts.
✓ Information like local time, location, Intuitive time graphics (morning, day, evening, night etc) is shown along with Names.
✓ Application automatically caters for the Daylight Savings time for all over the world.
✓ Pl. note application is based on Telecom standards thus providing you accurate information.
✓ User can select a contact, look at the contacts details and then call, sms, email etc.
✓ Supports fast Searching of contacts.
✓ User can also see information based on Country.
✓ Search on Country code/area code basis
✓ Automatic updation of time.
✓ Supports all Continents and Countries
✓ No internet/data connectivity is required by the application hence NO Data Usage charges.


- It is recommended that the user sets the Time setting in Settings-->Date & Time->Set Automatic date & time.
- It is recommended that the user store their contacts with Country code details like +1-408-555-5555 for US etc
- Our innovative technology, determines the time in the mobile itself and doesn't need internet. So it's completely safe.

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