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Create your own quiz (not LITE) an play with your friends, colleagues, in your sportsclub, your pub, in school, and...and..and...

the fastest finger can answer the question within a predefined amount of time!

use one of these buzzer input options (depends on your tablet / smartphone capabilies):

- USB-Buzzer*** or USB-Gamepads*** (not all!)
ATTENTION: LITE-Version only supports 2 keyboard players
- USB-connected keyboard**** (keys: 1,4,7,0 or a,c,n,l)
ATTENTION: LITE-Version only supports 2 buzzer players
- Touchscreen of tablets / smartphones
- in next version (coming in I / 2014): XLNTbuzzerQuiz-Wifi-Client* - free Buzzer-Client (Weblink *)

Attention please: we are not liable for any damages caused by using this app or any devices

You create qestion files with the free Quiz-Editor (Weblink *) on your PC !

Copy the generated file (xlntbuzzer-quiz.xml) according to our guide (Weblink *)
- to your internal or extern Memory of your tablet / smartphone
- to a webserver (e.g. your homepage) and share with other quizzers

- up to 4 players simultaneously, edit shortnames (up to 12 chars - LITE-VERSION: 5)
- buzzIn-ranking (disable, disappears from screen - NOT ACTIVE IN LITE-VERSION)
- 50:50 joker (2 of 3 wrong answers disappear - NOT ACTIVE IN LITE-VERSION)
- quiz file from webserver (- IN LITE-VERSION ONLY XLNTSOFT-WEBLINK)
- edit weblink for online quizsets(- IN LITE-VERSION ONLY XLNTSOFT-WEBLINK)
- coutndown adjustable (- NOT ACTIVE IN LITE-VERSION)(max. 5 sec. in LITE-VERSION)
- answers appear in sequence (man) or concurrent (auto)
- answer login (activate answer bar by quizmasters touch and changes colour to orange)
- optical and acoustically signal for right / wrong
- aout-calculation of points (if entry exists in quiz file)
- Buzzer-Reset
- Buzzer / Player can be deactivated and disappears from screen (- NOT ACTIVE IN LITE-VERSION)
- quizset cange (- NOT ACTIVE IN LITE-VERSION)
- quizmaster handles quiz on touchscreen
- no annoying otical elements, clear and clean quiz display
- optical buzzer connect display

* get the free quizeditor from here

** Google Play

*** requirements:
- hostmode enabled
- USB-OTG-adapter ("on-the-go"-Adpter)
- buzzer - Set
- gamepad, keyboard
- activated USB_Debugging (find settings in tablet / smartphone manufacturers instructions)
- check also if external USB-devices connected via OTG-adapter are supported

- with our free testtool XLNTbuzzerGamepadTest** you can check, if your tablet / smartphone already supports
USB-devices connected via OTG-adapter - otherwise you cannot use "buzzerlike" devices with this app

- XLNTbuzzerGamepadTest**: usable buttons of your external buzzer / gamepad generate this results:

Buzzer 1: D01EFA
Buzzer 2: 5416B2
Buzzer 3: 3E9801
Buzzer 4: DC4C81

table / smartphone - configuration
- USB-Hostmode (Android 3.1 Honeycomb and above)
- settings can look similar like ...Language and keyboard... - activate "Padkey" if available
- you maybe have to install device drivers - find further information on Google Playstore or Web


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    Android 2.3+

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