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Ever wanted to know when somebody is messing with or trying to move your motorcycle when you parked away? Parked your car somewhere and want to know if somebody is trying to access it? Want to know if your mobile is being misplaced when you are away?

uGuard will simply send an SMS or Call the number of your choice (phone number must be complete with country code and area code starting with +, ex: +96170112681 ) when it is moved or shaken. It will also send to you an SMS with location, battery status, and temperature when it receives an SMS from you with attention word 123. Try it and let me know how you use it!

How it works:
- On the main page, enter a phone number (land-line or mobile) that uGuard will contact in case of activity near your phone.
- Click the green "Start" button
- A countdown timer will display "Activating in: (nn) seconds" and will keep counting down until it reaches 0
- Once the countdown completes, the background will turn black and the button will turn red to "Stop" and the application is now "Active"
- When uGard is "Active", this means that it will continuously capture your mobile accelerometer readings
- When your mobile is moved, turned over, lifted or shaken, uGuard will send an SMS or call the phone number you previously picked. SMS will not be sent in case the chosen number is a land-line
- As an added feature, when you receive a phone call on the mobile where uGuard is active, it will automatically send you an SMS with the caller id and time of call
- to deactivate uGard, do one of the following:
- Click Stop on the main uGard view
- Call your mobile from the phone number you entered (depends on your settings preference)
- Send an SMS to the mobile on which uGuard is installed, from the phone number you previously picked (depends on your settings preference)


Alert me by:
- Phone: to receive alerts by phone (uGuard will call the phone number you entered)
- SMS: to receive alerts by SMS (uGuard will send an SMS showing date and time)

Activate after:
- 15, 30, or 60 seconds. Sets the countdown timer until uGuard is active after tapping "Start"

Deactivate by:
- Select Bluetooth to deactivate device when a trusted device (Paired Bluetooth device supporting headset protocol, ex: your mobile phone) is near uGuard. When this setting is checked, uGuard will check if the selected trusted device is near. If it is it will deactivate itself.
- Select Phone or SMS or both to enable deactivation of uGuard remotely, by either calling the mobile on which it is installed, from the phone number you entered in uGuard, or by sending an empty SMS.

- uGuard uses your mobile accelerometer to detect movement, use the slider to increase or decrease threshold sensitivity. Higher values means more sensitivity to movement i.e. it will call or send SMS on slightest move

- uGuard uses your mobile WiFi to better detect device location, it uses device location settings (GPS, WiFi, mobile networks). When WiFi is enabled location accuracy increases.

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    2017-02-05 12:34:39

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    Asem Daaboul

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    Android 2.3+

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