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zenCalendar shows the variety types of calendar. The moon age, Japanese old calendar(Tempo-reki), Rokuyo:six days cycle (six basic days, each of which is believed to have different workings on human activities.), Kanshi:sexagenary cycle (60-year cycle of 12 animal zodiac and 5 elements in Chinese astrology), 24 Sekki (24 divisions of the solar year; 24 terms used to denote the changing of the seasons), Moon and Sun sign.
All characters are written in Chinese characters ( Japanese Kanji )

1:Japanese old lunar calendar(Tempo-reki)
Tempo-reki is a lunar calendar officially used between 1844 and 1872, designed by an astronomer Kagesuke Shibukawa.

2:The Christian era
No need to explain.

3.Moon Sign
Moon sign for today at 0:00 am. Moon sign changes approximately in every 2 and half days.

4.Sun Sign
Sun sign for today. Sun sign changes approximately in every 30 days.

Six days cycle, each of which is believed to have different workings on human activities. Rokuyo is popular in Japan, especially for old business person in a particular kind of business such as real estate.

先勝 meaning:win the first game/aspronunciation: Sensho,Sengachi,Sakigachi,Sakikachi
友引 A day of no wins and no losses by in-yo divination, and popularly believed to be a bad day for holding funerals because the Chinese characters read ‘dragging one’s friends into…’.[prn]Tomobiki
先負 An unlucky day for urgent business, a lawsuit, etc. on the oldstyle calendar.[prn]Senbu,Senpu,Senmake,Sakimake
仏滅 A day opposed to a Taian day by in-yo divination. [prn]Butzmetz
大安 A day set by in-yo divination for doing important things, such as weddings, trips, etc.[prn]Taian,Daian
赤口 An unlucky day but good for noon(11:00-13:00).[prn]Shakko,Shakku
You can see Rokuyo letters in many calendars sold in Japan.

60 zodiac sign cycle is composed of 10 in-yan cycle and 12 zodiac signs.

7.24 Sekki
Solar term; 24 terms used to denote the changing of the seasons.

A solar term is any of 24 points in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars that matches a particular astronomical event or signifies some natural phenomenon. The points are spaced 15° apart along the ecliptic and are used by lunisolar calendars to stay synchronized with the seasons, which is crucial for agrarian societies.

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