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ZingUpLife is a holistic health and wellness platform that allows you to proactively take control of your life and improve your physical, mental and sexual health and build habits that last a lifetime.

How it works:
Quick Discovery – Biological Age, Diet Score and Wholesomeness are 1 minute assessments to give you a quick snapshot of where you stand now.

Biological Age shows the difference between your chronological age and the age your body is (Biological Age will be less than chronological age if you follow healthy habits and it will be more than your chronological age if your habits are unhealthy).

Diet Score evaluates your diet and gives a score that helps you understand how your diet stacks up and where you are doing well and where you can improve your diet.

Wholesomeness evaluates your wellbeing status and gives you a score to help you know where you stand in terms of your overall wellness.

Detailed Discovery – After you have completed one or more of the Quick Discovery Assessments, you can pick and choose any of the 4 Theme Assessments – Strength and Energy, Relationship and Intimacy, Zest for Life or Thought Control.

Strength and Energy – An assessment that evaluates your wellness based on your lifestyle and medical history

Relationship and Intimacy – An assessment that evaluates all aspects of your relationship with others and also your sexual prowess.

Zest for Life – An assessment that helps your discover your passion related to different dimension of life

Thought Control – An assessment that lets you evaluate how you perform with regards to your mental and emotional wellbeing

Goals – Based on your inputs, you get a choice of recommended health goals that you should incorporate into your life. You can select one, few or all of the goals recommended. We advise that you select goals based on your lifestyle and time constraints and those that you feel are sustainable in the long run.

Advice – Get personalised guidance/notifications based on where you are in your health journey. Advices will recommend goals for you, tell you how well you are doing on the goals you picked, assist you in track and complete your goals.

Share – Share your health journey with your friends and family. You can share your goals, pick a goal that your friend has shared and even participate in a healthy competition with the people who matter to you.
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