Zipper Lock Screen – Sea

Zipper Lock Screen – Sea


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Do you need a break from your everyday routine? Are you sick and tired of the same old things happening day after day? Download for free the popular Zipper Lock Screen – Sea app and find yourself on a sandy beach, under the tall palm trees. Gorgeous waves are splashing against the shore making lovely foam, and you are trying to run away from them. Zip and unzip your photo and every time you will get the feeling of lying on the deck chair under the beach umbrella. Summer will arrive onto your screen and you will become joyful and happy. You will be even more cheerful when you hear that you can choose the shape for your hook. Use a beautiful star or a diamond heart and you will be thrilled with the new look of your smartphone or tablet. With the latest Zipper Lock Screen – Sea turquoise color of splendid water will appear in front of your eyes whenever you pull down the hook.
Try out surfing. Grab your surfboard and ride the waves. When it goes over you, and you sink under the surface for a second, you will encounter an old sea turtle. She will be looking you straight into the eyes, but don’t be afraid, she is harmless. With the top Zipper Lock Screen – Sea you will travel to your favorite holiday resort with only one click on the phone. Imagine staying up in the little cottages, and sailing with your boat. It is magnificent. Find the font and color for your battery reminder, and your locked foreground will always show you this icon so you wouldn’t forget to plug in the charger. Choose the zipper you like best, and preview all options before applying them. The cool Zipper Lock Screen – Sea will take you into a sunny paradise with only one tap, so get ready.
How to use the Zipper Lock Screen – Sea app:
 Decide on the photo you prefer for your foreground and background
 Find a trendy style and color for your zipper and chain
 Write down the name you want using the best font and color
 Cool locked screen will show you time and date
 Zip and unzip your smartphone by tapping your zipper locker
Have fun while making your device safe and secure. Within the popular Zipper Lock Screen – Sea you can choose the best photos for your foreground and background that will greet you whenever you touch your smartphone. If these are not according to your taste, then browse the photos in your own gallery and find the ones you like. This way, your zipper unlock for screen will be personalized, and you will enjoy seeing your favorite photos. Insert the name you prefer on the unlocked screen, and you will have the chance to find the most suitable color and font for it. Right there next to the zipper phone lock, put time and date, and never again will you be late. Also, you can change their look and match them with your screen. Find the format for the time, and use the one that will suit your needs. The coolest zipper lock screen app will simulate zipping and unzipping, and whenever you pull down the hook to unlock the screen, your device will vibrate, and the latest photos will be displayed. This will make you feel like you are dragging the finger from top to bottom over the real zip. How great it is that you are able to change the color of your chain? Thanks to the top zipper locker you can make it stylish and it will thrill you each and every time you touch your device. Track the status of your battery and be warned when you are about to run out of it. The newest zipper lock screen will take your breath away, and it is suitable for persons of all ages. So, don’t hesitate and get it now free of charge!
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